Shining Example of Successful Community Based Organization

Oct 23, 2015 by

There are many factors that create a prosperous and successful community. Cortland County boasts this success with community based programs such as the CAPCO program. One of the CAPCO programs offered is basic understanding of energy costs. Weather happens all year long, hot and cold; so CAPCO produces weatherization assistance programs. A local community action based group is something that folks of Cortland can rely on. The group helps you understand how to keep your energy costs down, which is so important for people of certain ages during the frigid New York winter.

Other CAPCO programs include Head Start for ages 3-5 to eligible families. This is mutually beneficial for the child as they learn a social experience, speech stimulation and more while creating volunteer opportunities for parents. A strong community is based in community based programs such as this and the CAPCO programs.

CAPCO programs offer people of Cortland a better quality in life with a program such as Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program. This helps in place of a more formal health care provider by assisting right there in the community with people you know and trust. Services such as basic housekeeping, personal care and more provide such a relief to some who are unable to do these daily routines on their own. It’s a real highlight of a community program when you can directly help the people around you who make up the foundation of a community.

Family support is given as well with CAPCO providing budgeting, literacy, nutrition and family needs. The fight to end poverty and create a healthy family community is something that CAPCO does every single day in Cortland, New York. This necessary initiative is a positive shining star for the town. The perception that these programs costing too much money could worry people but knowing that your community members and CAPCO is on your side, helps to ease the tensions that may seem too much to handle on your own. CAPCO’s wide variety of family and personal assistance programs is a model that should be used for other small communities and towns.

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