Recent Real Estate Deals in NYC Spark an Empire

Sep 20, 2016 by

New York has always been a very popular city for business capitol and real estate. They have a very diverse culture with rich architecture that is unique to the cities landscape. NAI Global and EVO Real Estate have merged under Andrew Farkas. He has committed to the growth and development of 125 firms in New York City. Farkas will have the presence of an empire in New York. He is also known for his investment in a future building project involving another giant brokerage firm. Andrew Farkas continues to be a key figure in the building architecture of empire structures in 204+ cities around the world.

As a billionaire real estate conglomerate Farkas has built several successful business relationships. He is impressed with the diversity of space that is available in New York. He is trusted by thousands of elite business professionals for being a world famous real estate company. His work will be a headliner in the city of New York. Andrew Farkas building space has a signature look around the world. They provide professional and elite real estate and office space construction. His realty offers all the glitz and glamour of a professional real estate building projects.

The Wall Street Journal did a recent post on EVO becoming an official office space for Andrew Farkas NAI Global. He is a distinguished business pioneer that is proud to be based in New York. He continues to meet the needs of an ever growing clientele and reshape the real estate market. Farkas has taken a new approach to collaborating with other cities around the world by sharing information that has ignite his massive building project. Farkas says his office in New York gives him a great way to share information from one office to another. Farkas Andrews currently manages over 3.6 million feet of property space. You’re invited to visit his official EVO real estate website for more details today. He has an extensive portfolio that far exceeds other real estate moguls in the industry. He continues to be a strong real estate presence in New York City building a better future for thousands of home owners and office space personnel. Andrew Farkas has an approach to real estate that isn’t matched by other real estate giants in the industry. His EVO business deal has brought a major presence to New York City and continues to lead the real estate industry.

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