Pelican Products Acquires Minnesota Thermal Science

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Just this week, Pelican Products, Inc., a portfolio company of Behrman Capital acquired Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS). MTS is a leader in the industry of “global temperature controlled transportation products.”

Pelican Products is a leader in the design and manufacture of portable light systems and high-performance protective casing. MTS will become a part of the BioPharma division of Pelican Products. Pelican currently offers advanced and temperature controlled packaging options for transporting within the healthcare industry, including blood, tissue, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and other biological. The acquisition will provide customers with access to MTS’ line of products.

“MTS is a tremendous addition to the Pelican platform. Demand for temperature controlled shipping solutions is expanding, and with global distribution and award-winning products, the enhanced BioPharma division will be a key driver of Pelican’s long-term growth,” Grant Behrman, Managing Partner of Behrman Capital said.

Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican, said “We are extremely excited about the acquisition of MTS, which strengthens our current customer base, distribution channels and engineering expertise in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. BioPharma now offers an unmatched range of the most advanced temperature controlled packaging solutions, and we are already planning an accelerated product development program that will further enhance our solution set and associated cold chain services.”

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