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Good document management is important for almost any business. Even if all company records are electronic, such documents must be in a set location for them to be useful and easy to retrieve when needed for training, audits, insurance, legal, tax or other purposes. Document management can be on-site. But when this is not possible, various organizations can be used to assist companies with their documentation management needs.

Records Nations offers offsite storage for companies requiring document retention services. They keep the records in secure locations for the amount of time needed by the client. Additionally, they provide information on how to keep electronic documents safe from cyberhackers and industrial spying as well as facts on how to better store documents at your organization. They also provide paper and electronic documentation destruction services.

Paper Alternative manages documents differently than Records Nations. Rather than supply locations in which to store documents, they assist companies in better managing their documentation. In this capacity they offer services such as scanning documents so they can be accessed electronically in a set location. For businesses that already have an electronic content management (ECM) system they can scan company documents into that system. However, if the ECM that is currently being used is not suiting company needs, then Paper Alternative can install more appropriate software. They can also connect the company to a cloud service, ImageSilo, to help meet their records management needs. This cloud has various advantages. It provides for:

    user limitations
    requires little IT support
    has no monthly premiums
    does not require companies to purchase software

They offer an initial consultation to determine what are a company’s document management needs and how best to streamline its business workflow, while staying compliant.

SourceAmerica is an established document management company that also ensures that client companies, as well as government agencies are regulatory compliant. Industry regulations they specialize in include:

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    ISO 9000
    National Archives and Records Administration

Managing electronic health records, document destruction, document and data transfer, copying, scanning, indexing, and inbound mail processing and delivery, are some of the many services they provide to ensure companies and agencies have secure and accessible documentation.

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