ADS Conducts the First Annual UAS/Counter UAS Industry Day

Nov 21, 2017 by

This past November 8-9, the First Annual UAS/Counter UAS Industry Day was held at the VA Beach Military Aviation Museum. Although the weather was a bit uncooperative during the event, the exhibit, which was hosted by ADS Incorporated went over without a hitch as booths were able to feature their products and services indoors. There was also ample space in the hangar and apron area for shows and demonstrations.

The event was attended solely by government and industry key persons. Observers during exhibitions and demonstrations may need to have a specialized skill or knowledge on the subject matter. There may be topics which may seem complex to people who have no expertise on the subjects presented. Despite this, the exhibits were informative and present promising products for military and commercial advancements.

The Industry day was focused on providing technology products and services of unmanned aerial systems. Both commercial and military options were presented to the attendees, which were based on improvements from previous systems of drone technology, and other devices useful for military operations.

Here are some of the booth vendors and exhibitors during the event:


MyDefence is a Danish firm that showcased the Wingman 100, a TRL 9, manwearable UAS detection system. It is currently used in European military and prison establishments.

Their products feature radio frequency detectors with angles of 60 degrees from the devices and can range a distance of 1000 meters. Upon detection of signals, Wingman 100 can be prompted to call a drone in the scene.

Lockheed Martin

Lockhead Martin exhibited the Indago 2 VTOL quadcopter. This device is flexible and can be transported using Kevlar cases. The Indago 2 features DUO+, ION30x and dual IR sensors. This aerial device can stay aloft for up to 50 minutes at 2km range and can operate at 10-500″ AGL.

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