Recent Real Estate Deals in NYC Spark an Empire...

Sep 20, 2016 by

Also known for his investment in a future building project involving another giant brokerage firm, Andrew Farkas continues to be a key figure in the building architecture of empire structures in 204+ cities around the world.

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Succeeding With a Startup Business World...

Dec 11, 2015 by

The CAPCO program solves that problem for everyone, and it helps people find the money they need to keep going.

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Shining Example of Successful Community Based Organization...

Oct 23, 2015 by

There are many factors that create a prosperous and successful community. Cortland County boasts this success with community based programs such as the CAPCO program. One of the CAPCO programs offered is basic understanding of energy costs. Weather happens all year long, hot and cold; so CAPCO produces weatherization assistance programs. A local community action based group is something that folks of Cortland can rely on. The group helps you understand how to keep your energy costs down, which is so important for people of certain ages during the frigid New York winter. Other CAPCO programs include Head Start for ages 3-5 to eligible families. This is mutually beneficial for the child as they learn a social experience, speech stimulation and more while creating volunteer opportunities for parents. A strong community is based in...

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How to Create Jobs in the Nation’s Capital...

Sep 17, 2015 by

Job creation is constantly a topic that gets thrown around when talking about politics and it continues to be not only one of the most important things right now, but something that absolutely needs to be addressed and fixed. There is no debating the fact that the economy is struggling and real figures purport that the real unemployment rate is nearly double the figures that are being told to the public. Tons of people have lost their jobs and thus have lost their homes and other possessions that they might have had and because of this, efforts have been created to bring more jobs about. The government has created CAPCO programs, which basically are tax credits that are given to insurance companies. These tax credits essentially offset costs that the insurance companies would have...

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Pelican Products Acquires Minnesota Thermal Science...

Jan 18, 2013 by

Just this week, Pelican Products, Inc., a portfolio company of Behrman Capital acquired Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS). MTS is a leader in the industry of “global temperature controlled transportation products.”

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Virgin American Airlines Revamps Business Model...

Dec 2, 2012 by

Airlines provide a great mix of different types of people, with varying backgrounds all placed into one situation. Virgin American Airlines, in a massive rebranding effort, is hoping to target a particular type of customer: those looking for luxury.

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Top 10 Things to Do in New York City...

Nov 26, 2012 by

There are a lot of places to visit in New York like world famous museums, top chef restaurants, or swanky cocktail bars. According to US News, the top ten things to do in NYC include: Central park, American Museum of Natural History, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Bryant Park, SoHo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Grand Central Station, and the Empire State Building. Below highlights a few of New York City’s best attractions.

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Why do Businesses Prefer Foam?

Nov 19, 2012 by

Ken Dart, CEO of Dart Container Corporation, has spent time focusing on collection and transportation logistics and manufacturing processes. Dart is the world’s leading manufacturer of foam cups employing over 7,500 people in 20 facilities in 6 countries. Today, many of Dart’s plants serve as collection points for foam products, and Dart operates several reprocessing facilities.

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